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DIKO – the digital contact book is a design project aimed at developing a platform for digital diaries that can be used as contact books by children with developmental disabilities and their families, friends and teachers. 

The project started in October 2010 and is a collaboration between Furuboda Association, FUB (the Swedish National Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability), Certec at Lund University and the city of Lund (Fågelskolan).

The aim of the DIKO project is to create new opportunities for children, families and teachers to participate in the modern world with its photo diaries and social networks on the internet. We want to create a secure platform that is easy to use, and where each child can have its own network where he or she can share photos, videos and expereiences with others. It’s important to make it possible for the children to become as independent as they can and enable them to be the ones who decide which photos to take and which to use in DIKO. That way DIKO can become a tool for remembering, retelling the children’s own stories and maybe also planning.



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